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Model Shoot for Seasons Magazine

We at CCC Productions provided a budget photo shoot for a small Magazine and mainly for the model Shannen Thorn from Hampshire


Jason Gregory.

We at CCC Productions are proud to have shot all footage and completed all the post production for this talented singer in early 2014'.


Rozii Chaos — Beginning of the End.

We at CCC Productions shot all of the footage for the music video ‘beginning of the end’ and we also created the special effects and cgi for the video. We did not have any part of the post production.


Mushin Jujitsu Association

We have filmed and edited all their instructional videos for both their clubs.


Ceep Clear Cleaning Logog

Ceep Clear Cleaning—Advertising

We at CCC Productions have created all advertisements for Ceep Clear Cleaning. This includes many special effects and expert camera work.


Biohazard movie promo

BIO H.....

Is a micro budget movie that will leave audiences amazed by the story & special effects. We commenced filming early 2014 and are looking to release by 2015.


Promo for movie 'Brainless'

Brainless - Television Show

We at CCC Productions have started to shoot a program which consists of stunts, special effects, pranks and other attempts that is difficult for the public. The layout will be set out professionally with clear titles for each attempt, Not like the rival programs which are quite irratic with the filming and post production. We look to release the first season by 2015.


Dodgy Traders! - Online Show

We at CCC Productions shoot for a customer who tracks down complaints about companies and confronts them on camera. So far no episodes have been released to the public or press.