Taking Care of Everything

DMZ Group Terms and Conditions

  1. The £35 Oven Clean Offer does not include any grill/ top oven.
  2. Once receipts are signed the customer agrees that they have checked and are happy.
  3. All invoices are to be paid within 30 days or 20% of that amount will be added for every month unpaid.
  4. Invoices are only issued to company’s or customers we have dealt with before.
  5. The company is not responsible for the actions of any employee but the company will make every effort to assist in the discipline for any misconduct.
  6. The company is not liable for any damages to customer property or possessions though if agreed by the company insurance details may be given.
  7. All complaints must be made in writing by letter or email.
  8. No refunds.
  9. If the customer is unhappy with a service provided then that customer needs to complain within 24 hours of the service being carried out or 1 hour for an oven clean, a re-clean may be issued at the company’s discretion.
  10. If any bad review is left about the company after a receipt has been signed then that person/s will be prosecuted for libel and funds in the amount of £1000 will be sought for loss of custom by the bad name being created.
  11. Any end of tenancy clean performed will need to be checked immediately before operatives leave by the customer, Once the customer is happy we will not return for any re-clean even if the agent/ landlord is unhappy.
  12. Any damage to any of the company’s vehicle’s or equipment will be met with prosecution.
  13. We record all incoming and outgoing phone conversations for quality control, record keeping and back-referral for any inquiries or investigations.
  14. We take photographs of every job undertaken.
  15. We may record conversations face to face with a customer.
  16. All companies with the DMZ Group UK are copyright and are not to be copied/ duplicated in any way, All website designs are not to be duplicated in the same way, The Concept of ‘Mechanic Checker UK’ is not to be duplicated.
  17. The company reserves the right to change amounts, quotes, prices, web sites, services, staff, uniform, vehicles and anything else at any time
  18. These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England, and Wales.
  19. All staff previous or current and any contractor previous or current will not be permitted to provide services similar to any of our companies for a period of two years or they will be prosecuted.
  20. No staff are permitted to take on cash work without the company’s knowledge.
  21. Any abuse to staff or contractors will be dealt with swiftly by the police and courts.
  22. While we make every effort to keep all websites up to date, we don’t provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to the accuracy of the information on the site.

    We don’t accept liability for loss or damage incurred by users of the website, whether direct, indirect or consequential, whether caused by tort, breach of contract or otherwise, in connection with our site, its use, the inability to use, or results of the use of our site, any websites linked to it and any materials posted on it. This includes loss of: income or revenue, business profits or contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill, tangible property, wasted management or office time. This does not affect our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, nor our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter, nor any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.
  23. Contracts with commercial terms & conditions are as follows
1. Applicable Terms
All bookings & business made by any individual group, firm or company shall be subject to these terms & conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, if this occurs then refer to our operating policy.
2. Settlement
Final Accounts must be settled before the end of a contract, or in the case of an approved credit account, previously agreed by the company, within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
3. Interest
The company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue invoices at a rate of interest of 20% for each month still unpaid.
4. Cancellations & Notice Period<./dt>
Cancellations must be made in writing and will only be effective three (3) months after date of receipt. Cancellation charges will be applicable in accordance with the company’s operating policy. The company reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time and will refund the cost. In the case of an overbooking; the company will make every effort to find alternative services or re-imburse the cost.
5. Frustration to Contract & Liability
If the company is prevented from carrying out its obligations by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including government intervention, strikes, labour disputes, accidents, acts of god, national or local disasters, war or any event causing the whole or a substantial part of the business to be closed to the public, the company’s liability will be no greater then the amount already paid by the client to the company in respect of services booked. We reserve the right to stop services at any time if it is financially difficult to do so.
6. Loss or Damage to Property
The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the property/possessions of the customer unless agreed by the company. Insurance cover can be provided. Any keys will be returned on final settlement of all invoices/ accounts.
7. Personal Data
By signing this contract for credit Facilities, you are consenting Ceep Clear Cleaning Services, to acquire financial information from third parties and sharing with third parties as Ceep Clear Cleaning services deem necessary to complete normal business transactions.

Approved credit facilities are only extended to the applicant company at their own registered or trading address.

We will retain details provided by you on file. In addition, we may search the files of credit reference agencies, who may keep a record of the search.
8. Credit Agreement
Approved credit facilities are only extended to the applicant company at their own registered or trading address only. Credit agreements are non transferable to 3rd parties. Credit terms are 30 days from date of invoice.
9. Refunds
Under no circumstances are refunds issued, except in the case of point 4. The Company may in the interest of good will, provide the service a second time.
10. T.U.P.E
Tupe regulations may apply on termination of contract to the customer.
11. Law
The booking and contract shall be subject to English law and the contracting parties to the courts of the Untied Kingdom.